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February 2017


The £5 H&M Belt You Need in Your Life.

Have you been swooning over THAT Gucci belt? I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one. However, it seems that H&M have come to save the day! For a good few months now the Gucci double G belt has been floating around my Instagram feed (taunting me) and has been a firm favourite amongst some of my favourite style bloggers. The belt itself has a very minimal design – with its plain black band and iconic branded buckle. However, I feel that its simplistic nature is the very  ...

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Travel and Lifestyle

Instagram Food Tour of Glasgow

As mentioned in my recent update, my lovely friend Lottie came to  visit during the month of January. Whilst there is nothing I love more than showing visitors around my hometown and favourite city, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming – there is just so much to see! As huge foodies,  I couldn’t wait to take her on a mini food tour of the city’s amazing cafes and eateries. Whilst thinking of my favourite spots, I found myself scrolling through my Instagram feed with  ...

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Ch ch ch Changes.

Hello everyone! After a pretty hectic – yet amazing start to the new year I am so happy to be writing and posting a little more regularly. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about future posts and some little tweaks and changes that I will be making over the next few weeks (stay tuned). Don’t worry, I won’t be completely changing my content – just adding a little more variation to my regular posts and discussing topics wider than beauty and fashion.  ...

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Loreal Pure Clay Glow Mask Review

Pure Clay Glow Mask As mentioned in a few of my previous  posts I have really been enjoying trying out new skincare bits recently, especially specialised treatments like serums and masks. Therefore, whenever a drugstore brand releases a new skincare product I am more than keen to get my hands on them. This week, one release which caught my eye was Loreal’s range of Pure Clay masks. The range consists of three masks, which each perform various tasks. The “Purity Mask” is  ...

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