The £5 H&M Belt You Need in Your Life.

Have you been swooning over THAT Gucci belt? I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one. However, it seems that H&M have come to save the day!

For a good few months now the Gucci double G belt has been floating around my Instagram feed (taunting me) and has been a firm favourite amongst some of my favourite style bloggers. The belt itself has a very minimal design – with its plain black band and iconic branded buckle. However, I feel that its simplistic nature is the very thing that makes it so loveable. For months now I have been double clicking each time it appears on my timeline and attempting to justify its £240 price tag – however, this high end purchase was simply not an option.



H&M Saves the Day! 

Whilst browsing my local H&M I stumbled across this beauty, and well it was love at first sight. Inspired by the original double G belt, this little gem has more than eased my Gucci cravings. And the best part? You can pick it up for the same price as your lunch at just £5! Obviously, there are a handful of design differences e.g the buckle is a little smaller than the original and the Gucci “G” branding is replaced by two rings, but I mean, for £5, can you really complain?

Over the last few months I have also been reading more and more about sustainable fashion and the construction of a capsule wardrobe. Since then I have been making a conscious effort to ensure that I am purchasing pieces which I will love and wear time and time again. For me, this Gucci inspired number more than fits the bill. This piece has to be one of my favourite ever highstreet fashion finds and I cannot wait to style it up this Spring/Summer!

The belt is set to release online on the 28th of February on the brand’s website, however H&M have sneakily released it in a few of their physical stores. I hope you love this gem as much as I do and manage to snap one up for yourself! FYI for anyone living in the Glasgow area, I managed to pick mine up at H&M Braehead.






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