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The Digital Spring Clean

Yep, believe it or not Spring is well and truly here.  Whilst I’m not completely into the whole routine of the traditional spring clean, one thing I can get on board with is a digital declutter. After all, all of those emails and random “untitled” files ain’t gonna sort themselves out. For quite a while now I have felt that my digital space has been a little too busy with unnecessary junk files, overflowing emails and more so what better time to have a little clear out? Today I thought I would share how I plan on carrying out my “Digital Spring clean”.

Untitled, Untitled (1), Untitled (2).

You know those half empty word docs that have been hanging around your desktop since 2006, yep those are what I plan on tackling first. Over the past few months especially, I have found that the number of mystery files lurking around my once blank home screen has endlessly multiplied. Quite frankly they are giving me the fear. This week I plan on deleting / sorting all of those sneaky documents and images that seem to have taken over my desktop.

Inbox (35,568)

There are two types of people in the world, those who sensibly delete emails as they go along, and those who have simply given in to the inbox demons. Sadly, I fall into the latter category and currently have a shameful 30,000+  waiting to be clicked upon (it’s terrible, I know). I have no doubt that this task is going to be super time consuming, however I am so ready to get cracking and banish that spam! 


“Cannot take photo”

There is NOTHING more frustrating that nailing that shot only to be faced with the “storage full” message of doom. In order to avoid this insta-nightmare, I am planning on transferring all of my snaps to onto my Itunes library, then to my trusty external hard drive for safe storage. Side note – if you don’t own an external memory device, I would totally recommend looking into buying one! They are especially fab for storage of blog photos and content.

“Your Facebook friend has sent you and 8 Ball request”

Over the past few months I have become increasingly aware that I currently remain “friends” with a TONNE of people who I have never met / have not spoken to in years / have absolutely no reason to connect with. I have also received a shocking number of “8 ball” game requests, I mean, are those still a thing? This week I plan on sifting through my social friends and cutting ties accordingly – no more spam requests for Lindsey Lou.


Glasgow Lifestyle Blogger Lindsey Lou - Digital Spring clean

“Install IOS Update?

I for one am TERRIBLE at postponing software updates for my tech. All too often I find myself clicking the “try in an hour” and “try again tomorrow” options whenever I see the dreaded update notification. Whilst carrying out my digital declutter, I plan on updating all my tech to make sure everything is running super speedy – ain’t no body got time for that multicoloured cursor of doom!

Glasgow Lifestyle Blogger Lindsey Lou - Digital Spring clean


I hope you enjoyed my mini digital spring clean regime! Have you considered decluttering your tech this Spring? If so let me know! (please say I’m not the only gal who needs to do this). For a little update of what I’ve been up to recently, come have a coffee catchup ! 

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