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What’s In My Bag?

In celebration of picking up this faux croc bag of dreams over the weekend, I thought it would be pretty cool to write up a little  old school style “Whats in my bag?” post. Although the concept of this is probably foreign to those out with the blogging community, I have always enjoyed taking a peek at what others carry around on the daily. 

First things first –  the bag.

After spying this little cross body beauty, hanging in the Aladdin’s cave that is Accessorize, I just couldn’t say no. I am head over heels in love with it’s circular shape and gold detailing! Throughout the week, I am used to carrying around a large (overflowing) laptop bag filled with everything but my kitchen sink. SO, when picking styles for the weekends, I tend to go for something a little lighter and more compact. For me, the “Saturn Circle Croc” bag perfectly fits the bill. So, without further adieu, let’s take a peek inside!


My Phone

I’m pretty sure that this a unanimous “must have” in every girl’s bag these days. Honestly, I feel like I would be completely lost without my phone and couldn’t imagine life without it (a bit sad, I know). But I mean, how else would my friends send me dog memes and snaps of rainbow coloured foods?

Back Up and Chargers.

This little portable charger pretty much lives in my handbag! This particular Belkin juice pack provides enough power for three full charges and is fab in case of (Instagram) emergencies. I also found this handy little tech tassel in Primark which is super handy for plugging in to laptops and mains chargers.

Lipstick and Powder.

When out and about at the weekend, I tend to slim down my “on the go” makeup to just lipstick and some foundation or setting powder. At the moment I am pretty obsessed with the Revlon “Ultra HD Gel Lip Colours” – I find that they provide an amazing level of moisture whilst adding a pigmented tint to the lips. Additionally, I have also been loving the Bourjois “Rouge Lip Velvets” – if you are a fan of matte look lips but fear drying or cracking – this lippy is for you!  As for powder, I tend to reach for my Mac “Natural Mineralised Skinfinish” in medium. This is hands down the best and only powder I have used consistently over the years and have continued to love.  

Glasgow Lifestyle Blogger Lindsey Lou blogs - Whats in my bag

Lip Balm.

Whilst there were TWO whole sunny days last week, day to day Glasgow is pretty cold and windy. This weather really takes its toll on my lips leaving them chapped most of the time. Queue my saviour – EOS. As much as I feel that these little eggs are a tad hyped , I do think that they do a great job of keeping my lips soft – without leaving a glossy finish. I usually carry around at least one of these every day!

Kirby Grips, Bobbles & Tangle Teezer

You know those days where you feel like your hair is just a bit “meh” ? I feel ya! I love being able to just chuck my mane back into a high bun or ponytail whenever it feels a little flat or rained on, kirbies, bobbles and my trusty mini Tangle Teezer are definitely essentials for this!

Purse / Wallet (containing endless piles of train tickets).

As I take the train to work almost every day, those little orange tickets seem to take over my entire bag never mind purse. Coffee shop loyalty cards do share an equal amount of space but I mean, can you really turn down a free coffee – no, the answer is no.

Glasgow Lifestyle Blogger Lindsey Lou blogs - Whats in my bag

I hope you enjoyed reading about my go-to daily handbag essentials. I would love to know what you carry around too! If you would like to catch up on what I’ve been up to recently, I’ve written a little coffee catch up post here!


  1. Kirsty

    April 5, 2017 at 12:09 pm

    I love seeing inside people’s bags, it is so interesting to see what people have. I am also a hoarder when it comes to bags! That one is soo gorgeous, is it a recent buy?

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

    1. lindseyd93

      April 7, 2017 at 7:26 pm

      Me too, it’s definitley my guilty pleasure haha! Aww thanks so much ! Yeah, I picked it up from Accessorize last week, it wasn’t too expensive either 🙂 Glad you enjoyed !

      Lindsey Lou

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