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May 2017

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The Ultimate Camp Counsellor Packing List

  The Ultimate Camp America Packing List June 2017, marks 3 years since I hopped on a plane to New York to begin the best summer ever, teaching arts and crafts at an American summer camp. For me, this summer really was an unforgettable experience and chances are, that if you’re reading this, you are almost ready to start your adventure (how exciting)! When it came to pre-camp preparation everything seemed to go extremely smoothly for me from obtaining my working visa to receiving  ...

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The Ultimate Quick Fix Skincare Menu

When it comes to skincare, finding products that work for your complexion can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.  With so many new lotions and potions on the market – all promising “perfect” skin, it can be difficult to seek out the products that actually work. Testing skincare can also be pretty tricky as there are so many variables that can affect your skin at any given time. Additionally,  with the application of each new product comes a “purging” period. This  ...

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Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle

Escape to The Highlands – The Lookbook

  This weekend, my mum, my sister and I decided to book up a last minute trip to the highlands – and man, last minute plans really are the best kind of plans. Over the past few weeks I have been spending crazy amounts of time glued to my computer screen between work, blogging and Netflix binging (no regrets), therefore this little last minute getaway was the perfect way to detox in a digital free zone. Glencoe is probably my favourite highland hideaway, its mountain views are  ...

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