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Advice to my Younger Self – Blogger Edition

So, as you may have read in my latest post, this month marks my 1 year Blogiversary. How crazy! It feels like yesterday that I purchased by domain and hit publish on my very first post. However, although I’ve been posting for one year, I have actually been reading blogs for a lot longer. Therefore, creating my very own has been something that I have always wanted to do, and boy am I glad I did! Over the past year, I have documented some pretty cool life events from attending my bucket list festival to road tripping around the US with the coolest girls around. I’ve also loved sharing my product recommendations and chatting about general everyday life. As a total digital obsessive and all round creative type, being able to create my own content and share it with the world has brought me so much happiness. Throughout the year I have learned so much, from useful practical skills to general knowledge of the online blogging community. I have also met some crazily talented creatives along the way too. However, as with anything in life, we can learn even more from reflecting on our experiences. Today I thought that I would do exactly that and write up a little advice post that I would share with my younger self. 


Advice to my Younger Self - Blogger Edition - Scottish Lifestyle Blogger Lindsey Lou Blogs

Share the Love, like … actually share the love.

As a blogger, there is nothing I love more than seeing that people have read my posts and left some lovely comments. If you’ve read someone’s post and thought that it was pretty special, tell them! I guarantee that it will make their day!

It’s okay to unfollow

There are many reasons why people unfollow. Over time, content changes, people change and last but not least, YOU change. You shouldn’t feel bad for unfollowing someone.

People WILL unfollow you.

Following on from my previous point, people will unfollow you. This could happen for a number of reasons – don’t take it personally. 

Engage for the right reasons.

More recently, I have spotted a lot of tweets which promote “comment swapping” and follow sprees. Whilst I love discovering new blogs through these posts, I often feel like they carry an unspoken clause which requires you to follow someone back or leave a comment to keep up your part of the deal. As a blogger, I love supporting fellow creators by reading their content and commenting on posts. However,  I do not believe that we are required to do so for the sake of returning a favour. It all just seems a little forced / fake. Be authentic, share the love but if someone’s content isn’t up your street don’t feel obliged to reciprocate.

“What People Think of You is None of your Business”

You do you. If people want to undermine or even make fun of your hobby or your content, let them. What people think of you is none of your business and it shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your passion.

Advice to my Younger Self - Blogger Edition - Scottish Lifestyle Blogger Lindsey Lou Blogs

Always be true to yourself and know your worth. 

As a small blogger, I know that brands prefer to work with  influencers who have a wider reach than me, that’s just business, it makes sense. However, numbers aren’t everything. You don’t have to accept offers for unpaid work, even if they are the only offers you receive. Your time and skills are valuable.  Likewise, you don’t have to write glowing reviews of products just because they’ve been sent to you. There is nothing more transparent than “bloggers” who post for all the wrong reasons. Stay true to your blogging beliefs and you’ll be just fine.

That post can wait.

Not 100% happy with a piece that’s due to go live tomorrow? Don’t post it. The world won’t end if you break your routine. Take your time, edit to your own personal standards and I guarantee that you’ll feel so much better upon hitting that publish button. Don’t stress, do your best.


Now this is a biggie. I feel like I have SO much to say about this subject but I’ll keep it short and sweet. As someone who puts so much effort into writing and taking photos for my posts, there is nothing more frustrating than bloggers who are not present online / do not post for months yet continue to gain masses of followers on the daily. However, people will continue to buy followers and run bots, it’s inevitable. Although the numbers game can get really frustrating, what comes around goes around and karma will take its toll.

Don’t be scared to mix it up!

Try new content, use new photo props, push your creative limits! You never know, you might just discover that you produce better content and have more fun whilst blogging outside the box!

Keep on learnin’

There are so many great blogging resources out there from Youtube tutorials to Pinterest guides. I believe that you will never regret the decision to learn a new skill or to try and up your game. Over the past year I have really been focussing on my photography and looking back now, I am super proud to see how far it has come.

Advice to my Younger Self - Blogger Edition - Scottish Lifestyle Blogger Lindsey Lou Blogs
A blogging break can be good for you.

Sometimes, that thing called life can get in the way of your blogging plans. In this case, it is more than okay to take a blogging break, in fact, it can do you the world of good.

Surround yourself with inspiration

Whether you take inspiration from an amazing girl gang or from art or books or even something as simple as a pretty quote from Pinterest. A little inspiration can go a long way, and surrounding yourself with all the positive vibes can work wonders.


Do you have any tips or blogger advice that you would give to your younger self? If so, I’d love to know! Remember, you can keep up with my day to day life over on Instagram and Twitter! Fancy reading some more? Why not check out my latest post all about Zoella Beauty and celebrating my Blogiversary – oh and there might be a little giveaway in there too!

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