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October 18, 2017

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5 Inspiring Reads for Bloggers and Creatives

As a blogger and all-round creative type, there is nothing I love more than writing and whipping up fresh content for my blog. However, from time to time I  feel that my creative spark can become a little dim. I think this is something that most bloggers experience now and again. Whenever this happens, one of my favourite ways to refuel my creative juice is to take some time out and have a good read. Throughout my time as a blogger, I have read my fair share of books on digital media and  ...

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Autumn / Winter Skincare Saviours

During the winter months with chilly days and cold air, I feel that my skin begins to lack two things – luminosity and hydration. Therefore, as I mentioned in my recent glowing skin post – I tend to switch up my beauty routine accordingly. Over the years I have come to realise that having a good base to work with makes makeup application a breeze. It also makes me feel that bit more confident on non-makeup days too.  As I have just recently switched up my skincare routine, I  ...

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