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5 Sunday Rituals to make Mondays less… Monday.

Ahh Monday, we meet again! Like most people, the thought of that dreaded Monday morning alarm can sometimes seem a little bit daunting. Especially when you have a busy week ahead and a million and one things on your to-do list. For me, the past few weeks have been pretty hectic between blogging more regularly, working a few extra hours and seeing to general life admin (oh, and maintaining some sort of social life). However, I am a big believer of the old cliché a Sunday well spent brings a week of content and this has certainly been the case for the last month or so. Today I thought I would share a few Sunday rituals I have adopted which have made those dreaded Mondays seem a whole lot less… Monday.

5 rituals to adopt to prepare you for the week ahead - scottish lifestyle blogger lindsey lou blogs

Putting Pen to Paper

Got a million and one things you have to do this week? Shopping? Blogging tasks? Life Admin? Write it all down (preferably on one sheet of paper). I really feel that this simple task makes me feel a hell of a lot more chilled and prepared for the week ahead. Having  this little  cheat sheet to refer to also helps me to stay organised and productive as the days go by.

Take a Break

Yep, Sunday blues are definitely a real thing. Just thinking about the week ahead can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Therefore, taking a little time do… well, nothing can really do you the world of good. Whether this is taking a toasty hot bath or getting lost in a good book, having some time to be mindful can really help to prepare you for the busy week ahead. As a content creator, I also find that taking a little time out can work wonders for productivity and help to avoid creative burnout.

Plan your OOTDs

For me, wearing a good outfit can really make my day, so why not have a fab outfit everyday?Taking some time on a Sunday to plan your outfits helps to avoid the early morning wardrobe scramble of doom – you know what i’m talking about. Planning ahead also means that you know you’ll leave your house feeling a little more put together and ready for the day ahead (oh and you’ll also be ready to shoot outfit photos at any given moment).

5 rituals to adopt to prepare you for the week ahead - scottish lifestyle blogger lindsey lou blogsMake a Good Playlist.

Whether you are in need of a good soundtrack to your early morning commute or a late night study session, I guarantee that some good music will see you through. As a huge muso I love making playlists for just about any occasion and being that Autumn is my favourite time of year I couldn’t let the season pass without commemorating it with its very own playlist. If dreamy autumnal vibes are your thing click here to check it out!

Have a mini Digital Detox.

As a blogger and all round digital enthusiast, I tend to spend a shameful amount of time glued to my tech. I could literally sit for hours refreshing my twitter feed and scrolling through Instagram stories. However, sometimes it can be pretty therapeutic to just take a break from the online world – even just for an hour or two. During this time why not try out a new skill or hobby! Recently I have been (attempting) to learn modern calligraphy which is something I have really been enjoying. Over the next few months, I will be aiming to incorporate more activities like this into my free time.

5 rituals to adopt to prepare you for the week ahead - scottish lifestyle blogger lindsey lou blogs

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