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While I have been blogging now for around a year and a half. I have come to realise that I haven’t actually talked all that much about … myself. Here on Lindsey Lou Blogs, you will find beauty recommendations, travel diaries and foodie finds galore, but I don’t think I’ve ever really introduced myself. As I am challenging myself to blog every weekday this month (what have I signed myself up for), I thought it would be nice to firstly chat a little bit about my life. I personally love reading other people’s “behind the blog” style posts and thought it would be pretty fun to share some facts about myself that you may not know. That way we can get to know each other a little bit better. Here goes!

Behind the Blog - Get to Know me - Scottish Blogger Lindsey Lou Blogs

Skirt – Topshop
Top – Topshop
Shoes – Urban Outfitters

  • I am a self-confessed band geek through and through. As you may know, music has forever been a major passion of mine. Whilst at school I was a member of pretty much every music club that ran, from samba band to strings group – you name it, Lindsey Lou was there. During the summer I would also attend various rehearsal courses and perform with various orchestras throughout the city. Playing in an orchestra is such an amazing feeling – one that I actually really miss.  I would love to get back into this again!
  • I have a little Bichon Frise called Bowie. He is now six years old and is possibly the cutest little pooch you ever did see (I know, I am biased). I am most definitely a dog person and would love to have a little sausage dog of my own later on in life.
  • I am a Barista and coffee fanatic. For the past five years, I have worked in a little coffee shop in a picturesque village close to my hometown. Before working here, I hated the taste of coffee and really didn’t see the attraction (who was I)? However, five years on, I am now hooked on the stuff and love learning about all aspects of the Barista trade. My job at the cafe has been the best that I have ever had. Although it is not exactly where I want to be at the moment, I more than happy to stay there until I find a graduate job within my field.
  • When travelling, I seem to misplace things, like… a lot. I honestly don’t know how I do it. In fact, a perfect example of this travelling trait occurred only a few months back. This summer whilst travelling home from Glastonbury, I picked up the most b-e-autiful benefit blush palette from duty free at Bristol airport. Rather than accompanying this palette of dreams all the way back to my own home, I instead, left it under the seat in front of me onboard the aircraft (cries). That thing is probably on its very own world trip right now – RIP.

Behind the Blog - Get to Know me - Scottish Blogger Lindsey Lou Blogs

Behind the Blog - Get to Know me - Scottish Blogger Lindsey Lou Blogs

  • I have three tattoos, all of which are pretty small. My first ever tattoo reads “Let it Be” and is placed on my foot. This is by far my favourite of the bunch. This song has got to be one of the most beautiful tracks ever written and its message is equally as wonderful. Secondly, I have a small paper airplane on my left foot. I had this one done whilst working at an American summer camp a few years back. That particular summer marked my first ever taste of travelling alone and taking the leap to do something a bit different. It was one of the best times in my entire life and I love being reminded of this. The third is a peace sign on the back of my neck which I actually really do not like. It looks completely different to what I had originally asked for which really sucks. However, I got this one on my 21st birthday in my favourite UK city – Liverpool. Therefore,  I am in two minds as to whether to get this covered as it does hold a lot of great memories.
  • Instagram is my favourite social platform. Okay, I do realise that the whole algorithm business has totally sucked this year and don’t get me wrong, this has really irritated me too. However, I am a very visual person and I believe that  Instagram is the perfect platform for people like me. The app not only allows me to share my own creations, but it also lets me view and take inspiration everyone else’s take too. Instagram, I love ya!
  • I cannot pick a favourite song. As a total muso, you’d think that I would have a well thought out and concise answer to this popular talking point, but no – I really cannot decide. However, my top contenders are Rebel Rebel by David Bowie, Lust for Life by Iggy Pop and Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits. All of which are very different but equally magical in their own way.
  • I am short-sighted and have worn glasses since I was 5. I also had braces and a poncho whilst in secondary school – I guess this makes me the real life Ugly Betty right? Man, I really do miss that show!
Behind the Blog - Get to Know me - Scottish Blogger Lindsey Lou Blogs

Watch – Skagen

  • I am a people pleaser. Overtime at work? Sign me up! Last minute plans? I am there! As much as I hate to admit it I am a big old people pleaser and hate to let people down.  I have yet to figure out whether this is a good or bad thing … I’d love to know your thoughts on this!
  • The best thing I have ever purchased was a $5 ticket to a stargazing session at Yosemite National Park. A few years back after completing Camp America, myself and a few friends headed on a road trip around California. During this trip, we spent a night at Yosemite – aka the most breathtaking place in the whole world. During our stay we each paid $5 for our stargazing tickets and to be honest I didn’t really know what to expect. After meeting the group our tour guide lead us to the middle of a field where we all laid down and took in views of the most crisp and clear stars I had ever seen in my life. We lay there for over an hour listening to the tour guides beautiful voice as he guided us through the crystal constellations. It was just perfect. This night is coincidentally also my favourite ever memory – I doubt that I will ever forget this experience.


I really hope that you enjoyed this little “Behind the Blog” themed post! I can’t wait to share the rest of my autumnal content with you throughout the coming weeks! October is looking like a pretty busy (and exciting) month for me – why not keep up to date over on Twitter and Instagram !

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