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Blogger Productivity Tips and Tricks

For me, checking all of my to-do list boxes and feeling as though I have achieved a lot in a day has to be one of the best feelings ever. Throughout my time at university, I learned that you can almost always achieve a lot more in a day than you initially expect. The past month has really reinforced this thought for me. As you may have read, throughout September, I was struck by a flu that completely drained me of energy and led me to feel a little demotivated in the old blogging department. However, having overcome this virus I now feel more inspired and motivated to create than ever before.

Over the past fortnight, I have challenged myself to really make the most of each day and have quite honestly surprised myself with how much I have managed to achieve. This was all down to implementing a few handy productivity tips that I picked up whilst studying. I have also been tested out some new techniques which have worked equally as great. With the dark nights drawing closer and the festive season fast approaching, I thought it might be a good idea to share a few techniques and tips that help me to be my most productive blogger self.

Productivity Tips and Tricks - Scottish Lifestyle Blogger Lindsey Lou Blogs

The “One Touch” Rule.

I first read about this technique when it was featured on The Anna edit. Personally, I have found that one thing that really sets me back in terms of productivity is procrastination. With notifications pinging off her there and everywhere, I sometimes feel that it is extremely difficult not to be distracted in this day and age. This is where the “one-touch rule” is an absolute lifesaver. Basically this method goes as follows – you select a task to do and stick to it until it is 100% completed. Whether that be replying to an email or editing photos, you will not move on to the next task on your to-do list without completely finishing off what you are doing. Yes, this sound extremely simple, but it is actually a lot tricker than it sounds. However, as someone who tends to switch back and forth between tasks, over the past year I have found this method boosts my productivity like no other and helps me to stay on track.

Productivity Tips and Tricks - Scottish Lifestyle Blogger Lindsey Lou Blogs

To-do listing (like a boss)

When it comes to getting organised, to-do lists seem to be everyone’s first port of call – and for good reason!  Personally, I find that they really help to motivate me. Throughout my time at uni, I realised that whilst writing up a list is a great start, these lists can be majorly improved by taking on board these three pieces of advice;

Be Realistic- Yes, writing down alll of your tasks is a great way to remind you of what exactly you have to do. However, I have found that setting unrealistic goals only leads to more stress and less productivity. Therefore, when creating your lists, weigh up your time and resources for the day and curate a plan that is attainable.

Snooze your tasks- Didn’t quite manage to complete all of your to-do’s for the day? Don’t let this get ya down. Simply highlight or underline the incomplete task to ensure that it is first on your agenda for the following day.

Prioritize Girl – Prioritizing your to-do lists can also make such a huge difference to your productivity levels. This can be done my numbering or coding your tasks when sketching your plan of action.

Productivity Tips and Tricks - Scottish Lifestyle Blogger Lindsey Lou Blogs

Website Blocker

As a lover of all things digital, I spend a lot of time working on my computer. This inevitably means that I can sometimes be distracted by the many wonders of the internet – cute puppy memes, Asos new in, Bloglovin – you name it. Whilst blogging, I sometimes activate my Stay Focused web app which temporarily blocks me from some of my favourite sites.

Run away with your Creativity

I don’t know about you, but often when I put myself under pressure to write or create, I simply end up with a good old case of self-inflicted blogger’s block. Since blogging a little more regularly, I have learned that when a healthy dose of creativity comes your way – you should grab it tight with both hands and run with it. As much as I love sticking to a schedule, I have found that taking advantage of these situations can result in some pretty epic creations.

These Boots were made for Bloggin’

Whilst studying at university I once read that working with your shoes on boosts productivity as the brain subconsciously thinks that you have somewhere to go or something to do. As a self-confessed cynic, I would love rant on about how this is complete garbage, but I’m afraid I would be lying. Yes, as silly as it sounds I have found that this really does work for me! Skeptical? Why not try it out for yourself.

Do you find that you are someone who gets easily distracted whilst blogging? I’d love to hear about how you guys get round this too!

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