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Over the past week or so I have admittedly spent quite a lot of time catching up on some of my favourite Youtube channels (whilst finishing off the last of the Christmas Quality Street, of course).  Lately, I have really been enjoying watching everyone’s “Best of Beauty, 2017” roundups, I just love hearing about other people’s holy grail beauty bits. These videos have also prompted me to think a lot about the products that I have used and loved over the past twelve months. Today I, therefore, thought that it would be nice to share my own take and create a lineup of my most used beauty products as well as my favourite new discoveries from 2017. I hope you enjoy!

Alpha H Liquid Rose Gold

First up – Alpha H’s Liquid rose Gold. I first stumbled across this miracle product whilst browsing through my QVC Tili beauty box – which was another fab discovery from 2017! Upon first spotting this “Rose Gold” edition bottle, I (like many other people) simply assumed that Alpha H had re-released their cult Liquid Gold product with rose gold packaging. However, to my surprise, the brand actually created an entirely new formula which is said to offer instant, weightless hydration to the skin. The results? Well, in addition to providing a noticeable glow to my complexion (just like it’s sister product) this amazing treatment also hydrated my skin like no other exfoliator,  leaving it plump,  nourished (and non-greasy) after just one use. Yes, really! If you are a fan of the original Alpha H Liquid Gold, I would definitely recommend trying it out for yourself! 

The Beauty Blender

Personally, I feel like when it comes to makeup application, nothing really comes close to my Beauty Blender. Day to day, I tend to opt for a natural, dewy finish to my skin and my Beauty Blender allows me to achieve this effortlessly – even on those five minute makeup mornings. The large base of the sponge allows me to apply my primers and foundations in a flash and the pointed tip is great for applying concealer to those hard reach areas e.g the inner corner of the eye. More recently I have also been using my Beauty Blender to apply my loose powder too. I find that this allows the powder to really sink into my base, leaving a smooth and crease free appearance to the skin. 

Scottish beauty and lifestyle blogger Lindsey Lou Blogs - Best Beauty Bits of 2017 ft. Beauty Blender, Alpha H Rose Gold, Colour Pop, Fenty Beauty, Kat Von D, Glossier and more!

Glossier Cloud Paint 

Yep, I’m pretty sure you guys saw this one coming but I just cannot rave enough about Glossier. I think it might just be the coolest beauty brand in the whole world. When Glossier first made its way to the UK, I initially resisted and somehow managed to convince myself that it was all just hype. However, after a week of reading rave reviews on social media and seeing a billion and one snaps of those cute pink bags – I decided to bite the bullet and pick some bits up for myself. Whilst I could ramble on forever about my new found love for this brand, I decided to include just one of my Glossier favourites within this post – the Cloud Paint. I have so much love for these little liquid blushes! Normally, I tend to stay away from cream blushes and highlighters as I feel that they tend to be a little too sticky for my liking. However, unlike many cream products I have used in the past, the formula of Glossier’s Cloud Paint is super lightweight and pigmented yet non-tacky. I have been using the shade Dusk religiously now for the past month or so and find that it is the perfect everyday peach toned nude. I cannot wait to try out some more shades from the range in the future! 

Scottish beauty and lifestyle blogger Lindsey Lou Blogs - Best Beauty Bits of 2017 ft. Beauty Blender, Alpha H Rose Gold, Colour Pop, Fenty Beauty, Kat Von D, Glossier and more!

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation 

After falling head over heels for The Ordinary’s fabulous, no-frills skincare line earlier this year,  I could not wait to get my hands on their Colours Range. I mean, with a pre-order waiting list of over 20,000 people, it would be hard not to be curious! Throughout the year I have repurchased both the Serum and Coverage foundations time and time again – my favourite being the Coverage variety. Until this year, I felt that the high street was really lacking a good foundation which actually provided a full coverage finish. However, The Ordinary seems to have adequately filled this gap in the makeup market. Way to go The Ordinary! I cannot wait to see what the brand has to offer in 2018. 

Fenty Kilawatt Highlighter

I couldn’t write up this round-up post without including one of Fenty’s fab beauty bits! Again, this was another launch that I was majorly excited for – and quite rightly so!  It was so refreshing to witness a shiny new brand launch a line which caters to pretty much every skin tone under the sun.  Whilst peeking at swatches and press images online, there was one product that caught my eye time and time again – The Killawatt highlighter duo in shade Firecrystal / Lightning Dust. This duo consists of a pink champagne shade with a satin finish and a corresponding lighter shade which is jam-packed with micro glitters. If you are on the lookout for a highlighter with some seriously blinding glow power, I would definitely recommend checking out these fab duos!

Pixi Rosehip Oil

Last Christmas I was kindly gifted a set of Pixi Beauty bits to try out and after hearing so many good things about the brand, I couldn’t wait to try them out at last. To be completely honest, the product I was most excited to try was Pixi’s famous Glow Tonic. However, after a few months of using my lotions and potions, I discovered Pixi’s Rose Oil Blend which has now become one of my “ride or die” beauty staples. Although I would describe my skin type as oily/combination, facial oils play a key role in my skincare routine -, especially during the chillier months. This rosehip oil with added vitamin E helps to protect skin whilst keeping it nourished and hydrated – so long dry skin!  It also smells heavenly! I am actually nearing the end of my second bottle of this magical oil and should probably pick up another one stat!

Scottish beauty and lifestyle blogger Lindsey Lou Blogs - Best Beauty Bits of 2017 ft. Beauty Blender, Alpha H Rose Gold, Colour Pop, Fenty Beauty, Kat Von D, Glossier and more!

Bareminerals Liquid Lipstick

I have to admit that this is a more recent discovery, but a stand out product nonetheless. As much as I love a good matte lip, I often find that wearing matte lipstick during chilly Scottish winters can leave my lips looking extremely flakey and dry. However, these matte liquid lippies from Bare Minerals have quite the opposite effect. The lightweight and mouse like formula of this product sits nicely on the lips and lasts an impressive amount of time without drying them out, even after hours of wear.  Shade XYZ is a personal favourite of mine!

Colourpop Lippie Stix & Eyeshadow Singles

Colourpop has got to be one of my favourite beauty brands of all time. Although UK customers may have to pay a little bit extra in customs fees, overall I would say that their fab products are more than worth this additional charge. My first favourite from the brand has to be their single eyeshadows. When it comes to pigmentation, these shadows pack a serious punch yet blend like a dream. They’re also available in just about every shade that you could ever need. 

Another Colourpop product which has been a staple (and handbag essential) for me throughout 2017 is the brand’s Lippie Stix. I have now tried out quite a few of these lipsticks in a variety of colours and finishes and cannot find one bad thing to say about them. For each shade in the range, Colourpop has also created a corresponding lip liner to match which I think is pretty great and for just $5 a pop, what more could a girl ask for? 

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

In March 2017, Kat Von D Beauty opened its first Scottish counter in my hometown – Glasgow. Having previously purchased the brands Shade and Light eye palette – which I now use on a daily basis, I was super excited to try out some more of her products for myself. For me, the stand out product from Kat’s range has to be the coveted Tattoo Liner. If like me, you struggle with perfecting your cat eye flicks, you need this product in your life! 

I really hope that you enjoyed reading today’s post! I’d love to hear all about your most used beauty products of the year as well as your favourite new launches! If you have created your own “Best of Beauty, 2017” post, don’t forget to link it in the comments.

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