Lindsey Lou


Low Cost Lippies – The Nude Edit

When it comes to beauty, lipsticks are most definitely my Vice – nude ones especially. Whilst rooting through my (overloaded) beauty drawer I noticed that the majority of my favourite nude shades are actually from the drugstore and honestly,  with more and more high street brands  ...

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Blush Pinks and Quirky Prints

Over the past few weeks I have been picking up a few summer bits and bobs from the highstreet and thought it would be cool to share my favourite picks.  As I’m not jetting of on holiday until the end of August I’ve been trying my best to be sensible and  pick up pieces which will  ...

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On Turning 23 and Making Time

  So last week marked my 23rd Birthday (gawd I’m old) and over the past year I have achieved so much – I passed my driving test, started studying a degree which I love and managed to travel quite a bit with the best guys around. Yes, I am so proud of what I have achieved and wouldn’t take  ...

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Travel and Lifestyle

Creating Happy Spaces

Having an interiors obsession and living at home can sometimes feel like the ultimate tease, I just want to decorate allll the rooms. However, until I flee the nest, I’ve decided to make the most of the space that I have and leave those dreamy home styling ideas on Pintrest for now. Being  ...

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