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Nothing’s gonna touch you in these Golden Years

So, it’s that time of year again where we reminisce about everything we’ve been up to over the past twelve months (yep you guessed it, this is another “Year in Review” post). Personally, I just love this time of year – although I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps it is the thought of a fresh new slate – new year, new me and all that or maybe it is simply the idea of picking up a fresh new journal with all of the trimmings … I’m leaning  ...

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Lets talk about Goals, baby.

As with a lot of things in life from fitness levels to career advancement, I believe that goal setting is extremely important. I really feel that it is crucial to have a plan – or at least a rough outline of what you would like to achieve and exactly how you will go about this. I am a bit of a Monica Geller, can you tell? Personally, I find that setting goals really motivates me to work that little bit harder and challenge myself. I also find that setting targets and goals can be a  ...

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