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Alpha H Liquid Rose Gold Review

If you are an avid reader of beauty blogs, there’s a good chance that you will have heard about Alpha H’s cult product – Liquid Gold. However, you may not have read a lot about its cooler, chic-er sister product, the Liquid Rose Gold. Typically, any product with “Rose Gold” in the title tends to catch my eye (how very blogger-y of me). I feel like a lot have companies have definitely latched onto the Rose Gold hype over the years, attracting consumers like little  ...

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The Luminous Skin Dream Team

Over the past few  years I’ve really come to love trying out new skincare bits and finding products and formulas that work for me.  Being a pale skin gal, I often feel that my skin can look a bit dull and flat – like it’s just missing a little bit of glow – yinno? With this in mind I’m  always on the lookout for wonder products to put a spring in my step. Today I thought I would share a little luminous skincare mix which has worked wonders for my skin, leaving  ...

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