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10 Beauty Products I will always Repurchase

With more products available than ever before and shiny new beauty bits being released on the daily, shopping for makeup and skincare can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Therefore, prior to purchasing, ┬áI tend to ask for recommendations from friends and search for reviews online. I love hearing about the products that people use and love. I’m also especially intrigued by the products that they repurchase time and time again. I feel like this says a lot about a product –  ...

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Travel and Lifestyle

In-Flight Essentials for Nervous Flyers.

Although I have just about managed to overcome my flying fears, there is still a part of me that shrieks a little bit every time I think about getting on that plane. Personally I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever be 100% over but I’ve definitely come pretty far over the past few years. ┬áRecently, I’ve read quite a few blog posts on “travel essentials” and “in flight must haves” however, I do feel that these differ slightly for someone  ...

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