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10 Beauty Products I will always Repurchase

With more products available than ever before and shiny new beauty bits being released on the daily, shopping for makeup and skincare can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Therefore, prior to purchasing,  I tend to ask for recommendations from friends and search for reviews online. I love hearing about the products that people use and love. I’m also especially intrigued by the products that they repurchase time and time again. I feel like this says a lot about a product –  ...

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What’s In My Bag?

In celebration of picking up this faux croc bag of dreams over the weekend, I thought it would be pretty cool to write up a little  old school style “Whats in my bag?” post. Although the concept of this is probably foreign to those out with the blogging community, I have always enjoyed taking a peek at what others carry around on the daily.  First things first –  the bag. After spying this little cross body beauty, hanging in the Aladdin’s cave that is Accessorize, I just  ...

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Creating Happy Spaces

Having an interiors obsession and living at home can sometimes feel like the ultimate tease, I just want to decorate allll the rooms. However, until I flee the nest, I’ve decided to make the most of the space that I have and leave those dreamy home styling ideas on Pintrest for now. Being a student and working from home, creating the right desk space / working environment is quite important to me. I really feel that creating a space that you love leaves you feeling a lot happier, more  ...

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